You have probably noticed by now that the business world is moving more and more onto smartphones and tablets. With all of the new devices and applications being created, we’ve entered a new age of the business world. These new applications can really simplify your business, but since there are so many, it’s hard to choose which ones to use. Here are 8 great free apps that will seriously simplify your life and give your little business that little something extra that you have been looking for.


Cisco WebEx Meetings

Price: Free

Available: Android, BlackBerry and iOS

It’s extremely important to keep in touch with all of your employees to make sure everyone is on the same page. Collaboration through meetings and conferences is essential to your success, and you have probably been hosting and holding conferences over the phone and internet for years. But, now with Cisco WebEx, you can attend your work meetings, share files and give presentations with actual PowerPoint’s while on the road with your phone or tablet.


Price: Free

Available: iOS

Even though we all have smart phones and tablets, exchanging business cards is still an important part of networking. Whenever you head out to a conference or meet up with a business contact, don’t forget to bring your own cards. The CardMunch app makes exchanging business cards extra easy with a digital twist. With CardMunch, you can take a picture of an exchanged business card and the app will automatically turn your new acquaintance into a contact on your phone. The app will provide you with your new contact’s LinkedIn information and show you what contacts you have in common.



Price: Free

Available: Android, Blackberry, iOS, Mac OS X, Windows, Windows 8 and Windows Phone

Evernote is an app every business person should have. This app is full of features that will help you capture and note everything. You can type a note, store documents, capture audio and take pictures. This smart database, which reaches across all of your devices, files all of your notes with special accuracy. You can add on extra plugins to this app for even more features.


Price: Free/Small Business Deals

Available: Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Kindle fire, Mac, Windows and Windows Phone

Store and share files with this great application that allows you to easily access files from every device you own. Dropbox has easy online access to allow you to get to any file on any device – even ones that you don’t own. Just log into your account online or on your phone and your business files will be with you wherever you go.


Price: Free

Available: Android and iOS

This application allows you to open and edit all Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets and presentations on your mobile device or tablet. Quickoffice lets you make quick edits or fix mistakes in your work and save it to Google Drive. This application was just recently released as a free app for iPhone and iPad users.



Price: Free

Available: Android and iOS

Project management tools are wonderful and can help your team manage and complete tasks and projects efficiently. Asana is a great web and mobile application that will help your business keep track of tasks and important deadlines. You can assign tasks and organize production ideas all in one app.



Price: Free

Available: iOS

Wave  promises “all the software tools you need to run your small business better.” They provide free software for invoicing and accounting and provide relatively cheap software for payroll and other financial needs. This great company has developed multiple apps to help you with all of your small business financial needs.



Price: Free

Available: Android, Blackberry, iOS and Windows Phone

This clever travel application will help you plan all of your business trips. Tripit was first developed back in 2006 and has improved every year to make travel a more seamless experience. With this app you can forward all of your travel information including flight schedules, directions, phone numbers, meetings, pictures, weather and more to one place. The app will organize your information into neat itineraries that can be viewed on your phone or computer.

Instead of getting overwhelmed by the diversity and complexity of new applications and software, embrace this change in the business world. New applications will help you streamline your business and make your day-to-day life much easier.

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