Practically everyone owns a computer nowadays.  But unfortunately, people still aren’t quite sure how to take care of one.  People are so caught up in getting the newest and the fastest.  They forget that if they just take care of what they already have, it will continue to work for them.

The following are some basic tips for taking care of your computer.  If you’re already doing them, that’s great, if not, then you should start.

  • When you download something, make sure you read everything about it.  It will almost always have the option to customize rather than the suggested option.  Many downloads now have tool bar that is included.  One or two tool bars is fine to use.  The problem is when you have 10 or 15.  Your computer gets confused as to which one you should use and it slows down.
  • There are cleaning programs available that help by doing things such as defragment your hard drive, optimize your ram, and search for redundant programs.  One such cleaning program is System Mechanics by IOLO.  They are convenient because you don’t have to go through and do these things on your own.
  • Make sure you have a good anti-virus program on your computer.  If you have an older program, it might be bogging down your computer.  The anti-virus programs have updated their tools and now they don’t utilize as many of your computers resources to do the same tasks they did before.  These programs help to clean your computer from any viruses you get.
  • Make sure your computer is staying cool by maintaining a clean system.  Around once a month you should take the side off and spray it with a can of compressed air.  This will get rid of all the dust and dirt that has built up inside it and help it to not overheat.
  • Another tip to help your computer so it doesn’t overheat is to make sure you keep the area around it clean and clear of clutter.  You don’t want to pile books or papers on it.  If you have it in a cupboard or under a desk, make sure that the fan isn’t pushed up next to a wall.  You want the fan to have a clear open path to get the most airflow coming in and out.
  • When it comes to basics while working on the computer, one of the most important is to save your work frequently.  You never when something could go wrong.  Everyone has probably experienced their computer freezing on them in the middle of typing an important document.  You are forced to shut down the computer and when you get it powered on again you find that you didn’t save you work.  It’s one of the most frustrating feelings ever.  Remember to save frequently.

If you take care to do these things, your computer will run smoother and faster.  It will be more reliable and even last longer.  Treat your computer well and it will return the favor!

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