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    Professional Marketing International Shares Six eBay Alternatives

Professional Marketing International Shares Six eBay Alternatives

eBay is the undisputed king of online auctions, offering many benefits to those looking to sell products over the internet. But eBay also has its drawbacks and limitations, leading some entrepreneurs to wonder if there are viable auction alternatives. The internet team at PMI Education answers “Yes! There are alternatives to eBay,” and has put together this list: Known for its seller-friendliness, Bidtopia allows you to include a ton of information in your auction details, such as your phone number and links to your online store and other auctions. With Bidtopia you can’t set a reserve price and all auctions begin at ninety-nine cents. There are no listing fees, though they take 4.75% of the final sales price and a nominal fee for items that don’t sell at auction. Update: Bidtopia appears to be offline, no other information is available at this time , update 6/13/11 This auction site specializes in closeout deals in very large lots. doesn’t use reserves and great prices are common. They are particularly buyer-friendly, with a satisfaction guarantee which offers a full refund. With over two million auctions, eBid is closing the gap between eBay and “everybody else.” Opening a store is free and you can import your positive feedback from eBay. They allow you to set a reserve price, which is beneficial for many sellers. Another great site that’s easy to use, eCRATER is a popular choice among sellers. With more buyer traffic than eBid, it offers great opportunities to entrepreneurs. There are no listing fees and no sold fees. This is a great option for niche sellers with unique products. It’s free to set […]

You Could Cash In With Auction Websites By Tomorrow!

You’ve heard of the popular online auction sites eBay & Amazon. And while these are easily the most popular places for people to earn healthy incomes on the side, there are also many other sites out there for you to make a profit with. Professional Marketing International (PMI) has a long-standing reputation of helping thousands of people turn dreams into reality when it comes to making money online through auction sites. PMI’s coaching department is made up of skilled and successful experts in various fields of entrepreneurship, with ecommerce being one of their strong suits. There are multiple ways to make money from selling products through online auction sites. The best way to get started is… Go around your home and pull out everything you could stand to part with Separate the valuable things from those that are not Create a sellers account on eBay, Amazon, or one of the other sites List, sell, & ship your items…and reap your cash rewards! Keep in mind that you may often be surprised to learn that certain items which you think are worthless could sell for a great price online. As the saying goes, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. After you become comfortable with your new role as an internet entrepreneur, you’ll want to expand your horizons. This is best accomplished by finding suppliers for products you’d like to sell, or by drop-shipping. Both methods are ready available within different PMI software tools which the internet consulting team can inform you about. You’ll surely make mistakes along the way, but there’s a reason internet sales are consistently climbing year after year, so stick with it! Internet auctions are an excellent way to […]