The great technology war that has raged between Apple and Microsoft, for the past 30 years or so, continues on with new technology and a third competitor. Fanatic fans everywhere are vying for their favorite operating system, which may make it difficult for you when you choose your next smartphone. Don’t choose your phone just to please your boss or show off to your coworkers. Your smartphone is or will become a large part of your everyday life. You will be the one using it and you will be the one who has to deal with paying your phone bill. So take a second to read through this list of the pros and cons of the three main competitors: Apple, Android and Microsoft.

iPhone by Apple


iPhones are known for their stability. This stability comes from Apple reproducing and perfecting one product over the years. The iPhone and its iOS have had multiple revisions, but only for one product. The operating system flows smoothly with hardly any bugs. Although there isn’t a lot of diversity in the hardware of the iPhone, the software of the phone is unlike any other with its smooth reliability.

iPhones have more apps than any other phones. iPhone users are willing to pay more for their cell phone usage and they are willing to pay more for new applications. App developers always develop for Apple first because developers get the most money out of developing for iPhone users. Also it’s easier to develop for iPhones because they all have the same operating system. iTunes makes it easy for iPhone users to have the latest and the greatest applications.

iPhones have great cameras. Although the camera on the iPhone hasn’t changed much over the years, the iPhone still has one of the best cameras of all smart phones. Some Androids and Microsoft phones have really progressed in this area, but iPhones still have a great camera and have new editing features installed with the iOS 7.


iPhones are more expensive. iPhones are great and reliable products, but Apple has a lot of control in the market and their fans are willing to pay the big bucks for Apple products.

iPhones work great with other Apple products, but don’t work very well with products that are not made by Apple. Apple’s products are made to work miraculously well together, but if you try to move your music around or use your iPhone with other products you might run into some difficulties or problems with transferring data.



Androids are known for their diversity. There are hundreds of different types of Android phones that are supported by multiple different phone companies (HTC, LG, Motorola, Samsung and many others) The phones come at a range of prices, ranging from simple cheap phones to expensive phones with special gadgets. You get what you pay for and Android users like the flexibility of choice.

Android is known for its open source software development. Although there are a lot of new applications for iPhones, Android applications are often more unique and innovative because more developers have more access to the operating system’s software. Applications are often more flexible and can be developed to work together.

Androids have fewer restrictions when it comes to downloading and using data. This makes it easier for users to transfer music, videos and other files.


Android phones may not run as smoothly and generally have more bugs in their operating systems than other phones.  Unfortunately, since there are so many different phones and phone companies using the Android operating system, the software on your phone might come with a few glitches or bugs. The newer Samsung Galaxy S4 and the HTC One are supposed to have operating systems with the speed and agility of iOS.

There are not as many applications available for Android users. Some apps just take longer to be developed because developers have to adapt apps for each type of Android phone and developers generally make apps for the higher paying audience first. This slows down the app production for Androids.



Microsoft phones have a smooth operating system with a clean design. Their applications interact well and scrolling and switching between applications is a very easy  and clean process. You can run multiple apps at once.

Some Microsoft phones have excellent camera phones that have amazing zoom features and are great for low-lit images.

Microsoft phones are the only phones with a complete mobile version of the entire Microsoft Office. Although there are applications to help you use and edit Microsoft Office documents and presentations on Androids and iPhones, Microsoft phones have the most complete and best functioning software to work with Microsoft Office.


Microsoft phones have fewer applications than iPhones and Androids. Since Microsoft phones are relatively new to the cell phone market, they do not have a lot of control over the market. App developers will regularly develop for Microsoft last – if they develop apps for Microsoft phones at all.

Decide what type of phone will work best with your lifestyle and choose the phone that will work best for you. Don’t worry about the fanatics, as you become accustomed to your phone and start spending a lot more time with it, you might even join them.

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