Did you know that 98% of all nonprofits are on Facebook? If your nonprofit organization is not participating in social media – it’s about time that you got involved. Social media can make it easy for your organization to share your message and mission at a relatively low price. And with new developments in the donation features on several platforms it has also become much easier for people to donate to your cause with one simple click. These days, people are more likely to buy something recommended by their friends on social media than buy something they saw in an ad. And so, naturally, they are more likely to follow and participate in your cause if they come across it in social media. The social endorsement of social media can do wonders for your nonprofit.

Here are a few tips to follow when developing your social media campaigns:

Post videos. Videos are an easy way to communicate a lot of information in a short amount of time. When you clearly show your followers why they should care about your mission through film they will most likely want to know more.

Post engaging videos that show exactly what your nonprofit organization does with its money. Show stories about the people you help. Most people are heavily visually oriented. When they can watch a short video with a strong message about your nonprofit organization it will engage them in your efforts. If the viewer’s senses are touched they will want to join in your cause.

Keep it in the Expert’s hands. Make sure that the people handling your social media are professionals and are well acquainted with your organization. They need to know the background and the culture of your organization. You want the people representing your organization to know it like the back of their hand. They should have should have good communication skills and know how to talk to the public. They should have experience in publication. Don’t just hand this responsibility over to your interns, you need the people who are managing your social media to be able to accurately represent your organization.

Publically thank followers. Nothing gets the attention of your followers’ friends like publically thanking them for a good deed. Although humans tend to be naturally selfish – when they see their friends doing selfless acts – they often want to do the same. They feel a need to reach out. Personally thanking your followers for their good deeds will inspire their friends to check out your mission and see how they can also become involved.

Get to know your audience. Take time to look around you. Interact with other social media circles and get involved in other causes. Support your followers and show your interest in their endeavors. Watch the conversations on Twitter and join LinkedIn groups. Let other professionals know you are there, but also make sure that you know about those other professionals. Through networking through social media you can gain the respect your organization deserves and you can eventually become part of are larger conversation that will improve the world around you.

Don’t be afraid to do something new. Don’t stress about keeping strict control of your public image on social media so much that it stiffens your presence and isolates you from your followers. Reach out and don’t be afraid to do something new. Interact with your social media audience on a real level. Take down your high corporate walls and ask questions, give answers and be honest. Develop a voice that your audience can grow to know and love.

Through applying these five suggestions, your nonprofit organization will be able to start building a positive and interactive social sphere for your followers. As you develop your online presence – make sure that you keep up with your audience and do your best to keep your followers updated and happy.

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