Think of how often you use your phone to access the internet. Whenever you’re on the go and you’re looking to read, buy, research, or just be entertained, you use your phone. Now think of how many times you have gotten to a website and it doesn’t work right on your phone. You have to keep minimizing and maximizing and it’s hard to navigate through, so you just end up leaving it. You keep jumping from website to website until you find one that works with your phone.

As a business owner, I hope you realize all the business opportunities those websites miss out on. Not only are they losing business but because people leave their site immediately their ranking on search engines is also going down. Surprisingly this practice is all too common. Hopefully as a business owner you’ve taken the time to set up a responsive website. This allows your website to be viewed on a regular computer monitor and on a smartphone or tablet.

As a business your website needs to be accessible from all different platforms. WordPress understands this and now most of the themes they provide are responsive designs (they adapt your website to be viewed on mobile devices such as a phone or tablet).

When choosing a theme for your website you need to find out if it is responsive or not. In today’s world of technology where everyone has a smartphone, you need to appeal to them. Your choices won’t be limited by only choosing responsive themes. You still have several options in functions, designs and you can always add plugins if you need extra features.

When it comes to WordPress themes, there are some you can pay for and even some that are free. The two that we have the most experience with are Avada and Kallyas. They aren’t free but they have worked well for our sites.

Avada Theme has all the bells and whistles and is easy to work with. When I say ‘bells and whistles’, I mean some really nice extra feautres. Most themes have options but if you want a slider or other enhancements, then you need to install the plugin but with Avada the slider and several other options are included in the theme.

This theme also has a Parent and Child theme so you can do all your work on the child theme but if you mess it up it will default to the code placed on the parent theme, a nice safety net.

I have also been able to find several step by step YouTube videos of people showing you how to use features of this theme. That comes in handy when you’re trying something new or can’t figure out why something isn’t working.

This theme comes with several background images, layouts and functions.


Kallyas Theme doesn’t come with all the bells and whistles. In fact, I have had some trouble loading the theme and having it break so I have had to delete it and reload it. I have read a lot of information online and it turns out that I’m not the only one that has had the problem.

It is a very sleek professional looking theme. This theme doesn’t come with some options but you can add additional plugins to get them.

While you may have to pay for some of the responsive themes, they have several that are free. If that’s what you’re looking for then take a look at some of these options.

Simple Grid

This theme allows you to highlight your work, whether that be articles, art work or even memes. It has a grid-like design.  It has a portfolio feel to it and works great for designers.


This has elements such as a slider and a portfolio. You can also have videos from YouTube and Vimeo by activating fitvids.js.

If your website isn’t a responsive theme, the time has come to change it. You’re losing too many business opportunities by staying with what’s comfortable. Many of these new themes are easy to navigate and have a lot of options available. Find one that works for you and move forward.

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