Nothing pulls someone onto a website like a well-placed, highly effective and informative infographic. When they are done right, they are goldmine of information and easy to follow. People are drawn to them and rightly so. Anyone managing a website or blog has noticed the trends in infographics and the responses they are receiving, so it’s no wonder that everyone is trying to create them.

I’ve seen some great infographics out there and I’ve seen some pretty pathetic attempts as well. It’s obvious when someone tried to create their own using Paint. That’s when these free infographic sites come in handy. You can use them to create original professional infographics for your website.

There are several different sites out there you can use and each one has different capabilities, features, options and prices. Here are 5 top infographic sites and reviews for each of them. You can decide for yourself which options are most important to you and what price you’re willing to pay. is very user friendly and you do not need an account to try your hand at an infographic but if your infographc rocks then you do need to sign in to save it. I sometimes worry what is easy for me may not be as easy for people who do not dabble in design and development but this site is click and drag.

You have the ability to create an infographic from scratch or they have 10 designs that you can use and just add your own information. What the what?!? Yes, that is what I said; you don’t even have to do the design. From backgrounds to shapes and text you have the ability to use the objects has available or you can upload your own images and place them on the site. has definitely lived up to the name!


Venngage will let you sign up for free to take a looksy. But if you feel like you may become an infographic fanatic, you can for only $19 per month. You may want to be a paying member once you see everything that is available with just your free account. There is a large resource of objects available to you: charts, pictograms, shapes, text, backgrounds…oh my.

When you are ready to show off your brilliance you can publish it and make it public or grab your very own URL and add it wherever you want. However, if you are shy about your brilliance you can put it in your store, revisit it, rework it and admire your work. has so many bells and whistles it does take some away from the user friendliness but it’s still very easy.

Venngage will ask you to register before taking them up on their offer of ‘Start now, it’s free’. It was a little more difficult for me to figure out the inner workings of But once I did, creating an infographic was pretty easy.

This site actually required me to select one of their design options before getting started. No biggie. I picked one of the 6 designs available to me. There are several objects for charts but no options for backgrounds and shapes. But, don’t stop reading my review yet, you can add video to this infographic! That’s right, if you are going to hit someone with a visually interesting infographic image you may as well satisfy another sensory…Go big or go home. This would be a great site to get your feet wet without being overwhelmed by options.

Piktochart has a few different packages to choose from and I had to register before working on their free version. According to the site the free version is more limited than the Professional Users $29 monthly account and the Companies $14 monthly. You will get the option of 6 nicely designed themes or you can pick the Design Your Own theme. is very easy to figure out.

The options and objects that have available on their free version is amazing, you could create a legit infographic. I can’t imagine what would be available with one of the paid versions!

While I was learning about infographics there was a lot of information about making sure the size of your charts are accurately depicting the data. Do not guess on the circumference of a circle or your mom will be getting a phone call! Why this little rant? WELL, someone at must have gotten the same lecture because they have spreadsheets to enter in values to make sure you chart is accurate. Well done!


This site is not free but worthy of mentioning because their infographics are beautiful and they will share them with me to use on whatever social network outlet I want. I’m also pretty sure they will allow you to do the same as long as you are polite as you navigate through their infographics.

There is another reason worth mentioning. Some of the information I found suggested that if you do create your infographic you should get it on, which makes them kind of a big deal in getting your artwork, company name, website address, etc. shared. You’re welcome!



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