Have you ever posted something on your Facebook page that you wish you could take back? Unfortunately, once something is out there, it stays. On personal accounts those mistakes could be embarrassing but in business, some mistakes can be devastating. It you aren’t careful with your social media accounts you risk ruining your reputation and losing customers.

As a small business you may be tempted to use your personal social media accounts for the company. You might think it will make the company more personable, more real for your customers if they can get to know who you are. The truth is that this is one of the biggest mistakes you could make. Keep your personal and business accounts separate.

Organizing, scheduling and posting on social media can be time consuming and distracting. That is why many people have found autoposting platforms to be convenient and helpful. These autoposting platforms, such as Hootsuite and Tweetdeck, allow you to import certain social media sites and manage them all from one place.

As great as this sounds many businesses have fallen into the autoposting trap and made mistakes that unfortunately are hard to forget. Since you can have several social media accounts in one area some businesses will add their personal accounts and their business ones to one autopostoing account. It may seem convenient at the time but it’s a huge mistake. Businesses have experienced mishaps when they mean to post on their personal accounts and accidently post to their business account. These mistakes have been known to make a company lose their reputation, business with customers and many other opportunities.

Another mishap businesses have encountered with autoposting is that too many people have access to the accounts. You may think that having several people post to your social media account is a good thing. And honestly, it can be; it gives you a different voice so you can appeal to different types of people, it brings in fresh ideas and it makes sure that the responsibility doesn’t all fall on only one person. But it also has its downfalls. When you have several people posting to a social media platform, your account may begin to overflow with posts. Most social media platforms only need to be posted on 1-3 times daily.

When you have multiple people accessing that one account and posting to it, it will become overrun. Your customers will have a hard time following and keeping up with you and become frustrated with all the posts. As a small business, you only need 2 or 3 people working on your social media.

You also need to remember that the more people that have access to your account means the more chances there are of your passwords getting out and your accounts being hacked. It would good to change your social media passwords whenever someone who had access to them leaves the company. It doesn’t matter if they left on good terms or bad, passwords should be changed. It will help keep your security tight. The last thing you want is a stranger finding out your password and posting inappropriate things in your name.

Benefits of Using Autoposting Platforms

  • Autoposting platforms allow you to schedule all your posts. You can view a calendar see what is posting and when for all your social media accounts you have uploaded.
  • You can control how often you post and make sure it’s not too much or too little.
  • It is easier for you to make sure your posts follow a theme through all your social media accounts. When you follow a theme it’s easier to come up with posting ideas, which means less wasted time for you.
  • There is less of a risk of posting the same thing on multiple accounts or even the same account since you can view all your posts at one time.
  • You save time during the week.

If you decide to jump into the autoposting world just make sure you stay on top of it and avoid these common mistakes.

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