The Internet has changed everything about the way we live; from how we shop to how we travel to gaining an education and especially how we do business. Technology is always moving forward and you have to be there running with it to keep up with everyone else.

With all the changes that have come with the internet, it has also brought new opportunities. We have been presented with new ways to market businesses, do branding and promote new products or services. All these changes can be filtered into 3 main categories: social, local and mobile. These 3 concepts have had such an influence on business that they coined the term SoLoMo Marketing.

As a small business striving to succeed in today’s technology based world, you have to be aware of SoLoMo Marketing.

Because of the importance of SoLoMo and the impact it’s having on businesses today, PMI Internet is going to dedicate an entire week to it. We’ll be posting several articles a day, all of which will tie in to SoLoMo Marketing. You’ll find out about strategies, what mistakes you can’t afford to make, what is trending and many other techniques that will benefit your business.

Here’s a quick breakdown of Social, Local and Mobile (SoLoMo) Marketing.


This encompasses all of your social media profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, Instagram, etc.). You should have profiles on several social media platforms. Social media provides you with new ways to connect with customers, introduce new products or services and even connect with other businesses.


Because of the far reaching grasp of the internet, it is now more important for you to know where your customers are than for your business to be geographically close to them. Instead of going somewhere because it’s close, people will travel farther because they have read good reviews about it or they can just buy products from the website and have it shipped to them.

Since your customers could be living anywhere, you need to know where they are mainly located and target those areas. You can use tools such as mailing lists, area specific campaigns and loyal customer rewards.


Everyone has a smartphone or tablet with them everywhere they go. Your site should be mobile ready and user friendly.  Mobile phones allow us to shop, review, research and buy just about anything from almost anywhere. Your business needs to stay in the mobile competition if it wants to survive.

SoLoMo Marketing helps you target the right customer at the right time and place with the right information. Use this week’s articles to get your SoLoMo Marketing plan in place.

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