How many social media platforms can you think of right now? Facebook, Twitter, Goggle+ LinkedIn, Pinterest, Foursquare, YouTube, Vine, MetaCafe and the list goes on. As a business you should have accounts with several of these social networking sites. Social networking gives you a chance to brand your company, communicate with your customers and make business connections within your field. Social media is a necessity for businesses to survive in this technology based world we live in.

Now think of all the accounts you have and how often you have to post to each one and how much time you have wasted bouncing from account to account. Think of the mistakes you’ve seen after you posted something: a typo, a forgotten link or hashtag or even duplicate posts. It can become frustrating and time consuming but it has to be done.

This is where social media management comes into play. You used to have to go into each account several times a day and post. Now you can use a social media autoposting tool. These autoposting tools are a great way to organize your social media and make it manageable.

These platforms allow you to schedule posts, view posting calendars and some even have tools that let you see the influence your social media is having.

Using these autoposting tools will also help with your time management. You can dedicate a few hours one day a week to get it done instead of a few hours every day. It is especially great because we all know how distracted you can get when doing social media. By using an autoposting platform you don’t have to maintain your accounts as often and will spend less time each week trying to update everything.

Take a look at the top 5 autoposting tools that could make a difference for your business and social media marketing campaign.



Hootsuite is the most popular autoposting platform available. It allows you to upload your social media accounts form Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Foursquare, WordPress, Mixi and allows access to the App Directory. They have free accounts or you can choose to pay and receive more features, options and services.



TweetDeck’s purpose is focused on giving assistance in managing your Twitter accounts. It helps you find and follow what’s trending, what’s new in the news and what’s important.



With Buffer you can organize your posts throughout the day so you don’t have to do it all at once. Buffer is known for their flexibility in the capacity to schedule posts at the exact time you want. It allows you to access your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and accounts.



Social Oomph works great if you are trying to get analytics for multiple accounts. It also allows you to upload files from a Word document whereas many other platforms do not.

Social media management platforms are a huge help in organizing your social media marketing. Find the ones that work for you and your business and take advantage of everything they provide.

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