We’re all guilty of clicking on a link to a YouTube video of a cat playing hide and seek with a dog or of babies laughing at ripping paper. We watch that one video and then 30 minutes later, we’re still watching. We bounce from video to video. We say this is the last one but then another pops up on the side bar that is too enticing to not click.

You might even start by watching a news story, then another story, then blooper news reports, then some fails compilations, then some hidden camera pranks and finally you’re watching clips from the Ellen Show. Ok, maybe that’s a description of my personal YouTube experiences, but I know I’m not the only one out there that goes off on YouTube tangents.

While this may sound familiar to you, it’s not the only thing YouTube is good for. Businesses are finding out that commercials, marketing campaigns and advertisements do extremely well on YouTube. People love watching YouTube commercials and prefer them over TV commercials.

When talking to friends, there have been several instances when they ask if I have seen the “Such and Such Brand’s YouTube video yet”. If I have we discuss it and depending on the message or theme of the video we laugh, cry, have a serious discussion or even make changes in our lives. Some of these successful marketing videos are:

Toyota: Swagger Wagon

This video appeals to parents of young children. They sing a hip hop song all about their van, or “Swagger Wagon” as they call it, and about being parents. It’s hilarious and fun to watch. They bring ‘cool’ to owning and driving a van.

Taco Bell: Loco Taco

Taco Bell started a new marketing campaign to advertise their new Fiery Doritos shell tacos. They had “VidCon” goers create and submit videos to advertise these new tacos. They selected 65 of those submissions to launch on YouTube. The videos are fun and relatable because they are just regular people with their video camera on a tripod.

Mercedes Bens: Dancing Chickens

This commercial is all about dancing chickens. Well, people holding the chickens’ body and making them dance while their head stays stationary. The point they are making is that their car is stable. It says at the end, “Stability at all times.” It has gotten tons of attention and the comments are full of compliments such as, “You’re a genius” and “brilliant”.

When used right, YouTube is a highly effective business tool. It allows you opportunities to connect with customers, other businesses and possible customers. It also provides new ways to market your products or services and brand your business. There are several ways to go about using YouTube for your business. Here are some of the top ways businesses have found that work for them:

  • Create longer commercials that can be more in depth and provide more information.
  • Record presentations, events or conferences you have. You can cut them, add music, etc.
  • Put together slideshows of pictures or comments about your company or products.
  • Invite customers to send pictures of them using your products or services and make a video using them. You could also do this with video testimonials.
  • Introduce your staff to help make the business be more relatable.
  • Have contests.
  • Talk about and invite people to your website.

There are many benefits to using YouTube for your business. In order to get the most out of it take advantage of these tips:

Use the Comments

You will be able to view comments from outside influences that let you know what they like and even what you can do better. YouTube allows you to hide inappropriate or offensive comments and spam. Don’t be too quick to delete negative comments. You can reply to them and let your customers know that what they think is important and that you’re always striving to improve.

Update Your Channel

Don’t neglect your channel. Update it regularly and provide them with unique, informative and quality information. This lets your followers know you are reliable and organized.

Free Analytic Tools

YouTube offers free analytic tools. You can use these to monitor your videos and get information about demographics, target community and discovery data. Discovery data lets you know how people came across a specific video.

Bring Quality Content

If you only use YouTube as a way to post one boring ad after another, you’re marketing campaign will fail. You must provide quality content that engages your viewers. Use this as an opportunity to get creative; have some fun.

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